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At The Right Track Preschool, we encourage children to learn and thrive to be their best version of themselves. We offer a highly competitive curriculum that is geared towards a successful, academic future! 

Red Class

Ages 2-3 years

         In our two-year-old classroom , we provide a vibrant and engaging curriculum designed to inspire curiosity, promote social development, and lay the groundwork for early academic skills. Our program is carefully crafted to meet the developmental needs of toddlers, fostering a nurturing environment where they can explore, learn, and grow.

Key Elements of Our Curriculum:

  1. Content: Colors, Shapes, Counting, Number Identification, Animal Identification, Alphabet Identification, and Alphabet Reciting

  2. Social and Emotional Development: We prioritize building positive relationships and promoting emotional expression. Through play and group activities, toddlers learn to interact with peers, share, take turns, and develop empathy.

  3. Language and Communication: Our curriculum encourages language development through storytelling, songs, rhymes, and interactive conversations. Toddlers are introduced to new vocabulary and encouraged to express themselves verbally.

  4. Fine and Gross Motor Skills: Activities such as building with blocks, drawing, dancing, and outdoor play help toddlers develop coordination, balance, and muscle strength. These activities also enhance fine motor skills necessary for tasks like holding a pencil and self-care activities.

  5. Cognitive Development: We introduce basic concepts of colors, shapes, numbers, and letters through age-appropriate activities and games. Toddlers engage in sensory exploration, problem-solving tasks, and hands-on learning experiences that stimulate cognitive development.

  6. Creative Expression: Art, music, and dramatic play are integral parts of our curriculum. Toddlers are encouraged to explore their creativity through painting, drawing, singing, dancing, and pretending, fostering imagination and self-expression.

  7. Daily Routines and Independence: We support toddlers in developing independence and self-help skills through daily routines such as toileting, dressing, and mealtime activities. Consistent routines provide predictability and security for young children.

  8. Outdoor Exploration: Outdoor play is an essential component of our curriculum, weather permitting. It provides opportunities for physical activity, exploration of nature, and social interactions in a stimulating outdoor environment.


Yellow Class

Ages 3-4 years

         In our preschool classroom, we offer a comprehensive and stimulating curriculum designed to prepare children for kindergarten and beyond. Our program blends play-based learning with structured activities to foster creativity, critical thinking, social skills, and academic readiness.

Key Elements of Our Curriculum:

  1. Literacy and Language Development: We immerse children in rich language experiences through storytelling, puppetry, rhymes, and daily conversations. Phonemic awareness, letter recognition, and early reading skills are nurtured through engaging activities and books.

  2. Mathematics: Our curriculum introduces foundational math concepts such as counting, number recognition, shapes, patterns, and basic arithmetic. Hands-on activities and games make learning math enjoyable and accessible.

  3. Science and Discovery: Preschoolers explore the natural world through hands-on experiments, observations, and sensory activities. They learn about concepts like plants, animals, weather, and simple scientific principles through inquiry-based learning.

  4. Creative Arts: Art, music, drama, and dance are integral parts of our curriculum. Children have opportunities to express themselves creatively, develop fine motor skills, and explore different forms of artistic expression.

  5. Social Studies: We introduce children to concepts of community, diversity, and cultural awareness. Through stories, discussions, and activities, preschoolers learn about people and places beyond their immediate surroundings.

  6. Social and Emotional Development: We prioritize the development of social skills such as cooperation, conflict resolution, empathy, and self-regulation. Children engage in group activities, role-playing, and discussions to enhance their emotional intelligence.

  7. Physical Development: Gross motor skills are developed through outdoor play, games, and obstacle courses, while fine motor skills are honed through activities like cutting, drawing, and manipulative play.


Blue Class

Ages 4-5 years


         In our Pre-K/ TK classroom, we offer a dynamic and comprehensive curriculum designed to bridge the gap between preschool and kindergarten, ensuring children are well-prepared for their next educational milestone. Our program blends foundational academics with social-emotional development and critical thinking skills, providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive.

Key Elements of Our Curriculum:

  1. Early Literacy: We focus on developing early literacy skills through phonics instruction, sight words, vocabulary building, and comprehension activities. Children engage in interactive storytelling, guided reading, and writing exercises to foster a love for reading and language.

  2. Mathematics: Our curriculum introduces mathematical concepts such as number sense, counting, addition, subtraction, shapes, patterns, and measurement. Hands-on activities, games, and manipulatives encourage exploration and understanding of mathematical principles.

  3. Science and Discovery: Children explore the natural world through inquiry-based learning experiences. They engage in experiments, observations, and discussions about plants, animals, weather, and basic scientific principles to develop curiosity and critical thinking skills.

  4. Social Studies: We introduce children to social studies concepts such as community, diversity, cultures, and geography. Through stories, discussions, and projects, children gain an understanding of their place in the world and respect for others.

  5. Creative Arts: Art, music, drama, and movement activities stimulate creativity and self-expression. Children have opportunities to explore different art mediums, participate in musical experiences, and engage in dramatic play to enhance their imaginative skills.

  6. Social and Emotional Development: We emphasize the development of social skills, emotional regulation, and empathy. Children learn to work cooperatively in groups, resolve conflicts peacefully, and express their emotions in positive ways.

  7. Physical Development: Gross motor skills are enhanced through outdoor play, structured games, and physical education activities. Fine motor skills are developed through writing exercises, crafts, and manipulative play to prepare children for writing and other fine motor tasks.

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