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6:30 am-6:00 pm



          Welcome to The Right Track Preschool & Child Care, where we specialize in nurturing young minds from infancy through preschool and beyond! Our commitment is to provide a warm, safe, and enriching environment where children can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.

          At The Right Track Preschool & Child Care, we understand the unique needs of every child and tailor our programs to support their growth and development at each stage. From our infant care program, where tender care and early learning experiences are paramount, to our preschool curriculum designed to ignite curiosity and prepare children for kindergarten, every day is filled with opportunities for exploration and learning.

          In addition to our comprehensive preschool curriculum, we offer a dynamic before and after school program for elementary-aged students. Whether it's engaging in enriching activities, completing homework assignments with support from our caring staff, or participating in recreational play, our program ensures that children are in a safe and stimulating environment during their out-of-school hours.

          Our dedicated team of educators and caregivers are committed to fostering a love for learning, promoting social skills, and building confidence in every child. We prioritize open communication with parents, ensuring that families are actively involved in their child's educational journey.

At The Right Track Preschool & Child Care, we strive to create a foundation for lifelong learning and success. Come visit us and discover how we can support your child's growth and development every step of the way!



Give us a call:

(909) 726-1128

Tuition Assistance
The Right Track Preschool works with many families with a variety of backgrounds! We accept tuition assistance through government funded programs such as Child Care Resource Center (CCRC), Transitional Assistance Department (TAD), and Child Care Aware.


We believe that children are unique individuals. 

Children deserve to be cared for in a safe, secure, caring, loving,

and stimulating atmosphere, where they can grow and mature

emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

The Right Track Preschool & Child Care 

is fun and parents love our approach to teaching and learning. 

Our students are provided opportunities to explore and learn

through activities and play...

after all, we ALL know that children learn best while having fun.

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